Diamonds and Jewellery +
How do I know if a diamond is genuine? +

You will not. You need to be an expert and use specialised equipment to make sure a diamond is real and genuine. Do not trust ideas like scratching a beer bottle (it may damage the diamond too), thermal conductivity, looking through, comparing weight, etc. If the diamond is accompanied by a certificate, you will know it is real and if it is treated artificially or not.

Which diamond shape gives me the greatest value for money? +

Round brilliant diamond has the most brilliance, and the most popular. Fancy diamonds look more elegant in larger sizes. Also, they tend to look larger than they are by virtue of their shape. The choice of shape is also governed by the shape of the hand and Diamond Colour and Diamond Clarity. Round brilliant diamond hides defects and yellow tints the best.

What are the "four C's" relating to diamond quality? +

The four C's are Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity and Cut of the stone. Check this page for more details.

What is the most important C in the choice of a diamond? Colour or Clarity? +

The most desirable colour of the diamond is white. The Colour scale ranges from D to Z, where D is the whitest of the white and hence most expensive. However, colours between E to H are regarded as very white, and you cannot make out the difference in colour once a diamond is set. However, the diamond colour becomes more obvious as in larger size diamonds, or in shapes other than the round brilliant. For instance, the Asscher and the emerald cuts are more see-through with large facets and require a higher colour and clarity than other shapes. Colour is something that can be discerned with the naked eye with practice (such as looking at the engagement ring every day. Hence, it is advisable to buy as white a diamond as you can afford in your carat range, in an eye clean or better clarity. If a diamond has slight blue fluorescence, it could render your H or J colour whiter. Also, if the stone is very well cut, it makes both the clarity and colour look better. Clarity is not a factor you can judge only by looking at the diamond under magnification. Step cut diamond shapes like emerald and Asscher cuts require a higher quality of colour and clarity as they have large see-through facets which make it easy to see any imperfections.

What is BIS hallmark? +

The BIS hallmark is a hallmarking system for gold as well as silver jewellery sold in India certifying the purity of the metal. The standards are defined by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards organization of India.

How does the BIS hallmark look like and where can I find it on the jewellery? +

The BIS hallmark can be found on the inner side or back of a jewellery. It consists of the following five components:
- The BIS mark logo - The Gold Fineness number (ex. 916 is for a 22 carat purity of gold) - Assaying and Hallmarking Centre's mark - Jeweller's identification mark - The year of marking denoted by a code letter and decided by BIS (e.g. code letter `A' was approved by BIS for year 2000, `B' being used for the year 2001 and `C' for 2002 and 'J' for 2008).

Why should I trust a BIS hallmark? +

Government of India has identified BIS as a sole agency and The BIS Hallmarking Scheme has been aligned with International criteria on hallmarking. As per this scheme, licence is granted to the jewellers by BIS under Hallmarking Scheme. The BIS certified jewellers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any of the BIS recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Centre.

How are diamonds certified? +

A diamond certificate, also known as a diamond report, is issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory like GIA, IGI, SGL or DGLA. In addition to the diamond's carat weight and measurements, a certificate includes grades for the diamond's cut, color and clarity. All diamonds bought on VivoCarat are accompanied by a diamond certificate so you can shop without any worries.

Payment Options +
Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available? How does it work? +

Yes. COD is available on select pin codes up to Rs.49,000. When placing an order select the COD option during checkout. You pay the complete amount in cash to the courier once the product is delivered to you. Please remember payment through cheque, draft or any other means will not be accepted by the courier company.

Can I pay Online? What are the options available? +

Yes. You can pay using any of the following options,

  • Credit Card: All Visa,Master and American Express Credit Cards are accepted
  • Debit Card: All Visa, Maestro and RuPay Debit Cards are accepted
  • Netbanking
  • Wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik, freecharge, etc)

Is there any additional charge for the CoD shipment? +

No, our CoD service is done at no extra cost.

What is the option if no one is at home when the courier person comes? +

Most courier companies will call you before coming over to deliver the item. Some important points to ensure that your CoD transaction goes smoothly please ensure that the mobile number you provide for the Cash on Delivery payment is always available and answered. It is important that your address and landmark are very clear. This will help us locate you easily and complete the process faster. Please be available at the designated address with the complete cash as payment for the item purchased.

Shipping Policy +
Is product shipping free? +

Yes. We believe in creating an online buying experience which is similar or better than buying jewellery offline. Hence all products delivered by VivoCarat are free and insured only within India. We urge all customers to inspect the package for any damage or tamper before receiving or signing for receipt.

It's gold and diamond. Is the product delivery safe? +

Yes. All products shipped are safe and insured till the time they reach the customer's hands.

Which courier company delivers my jewellery? +

For our Indian customers, after your item has been packaged, it will be shipped and delivered free via one of the following carriers.

  • Blue Dart
  • Speed Post
  • BVC Logistics

How long will it take for me to receive the product? +

We strive to get all products shipped and delivered as per the promised times but in case of any delay, we will keep you informed via E-mail and SMS. In case a product is not delivered even after 30 days from the promised date of delivery, we will cancel the order and refund the amount to you.

I have received a damaged product. What should I do? +

If you find any damage in the product please report the same to us at hello@vivocarat.com within 24 hours of the delivery. We shall arrange for the appropriate corrective measure/s to be taken and the same shall be initiated immediately.

Return/Refund/Exchanges +
I don’t like the product delivered. Can I return it? +

Yes. We ensure that all products that are sold through our website are of good quality and we provide all information related to it, still, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return the product within 10 days of receiving the product.

In case a product is returned within the stipulated time we will refund the full order value will be refunded to the customer up to a maximum of the amount paid by the customer

I have worn the jewellery once. Can I still return it? +

Any item that shows the sign of wear or has been altered, resized(by a Jeweller other than the (company), or damaged cannot be accepted for the 10 days money back. But you can still use the Lifetime Buyback/Exchange facility

The product has been customised according to my request. Can I still return it? +

Customised (including personalised/engraved products) Jewellery is not eligible for a Moneyback,10 Day Exchange or BuyBack. Only Life Time Exchange Policy applies. But if there are any manufacturing defects you can get in touch with us at hello@vivocarat.com and the exchange request will be processed.

How do I ship the product to VivoCarat? +

After the return/exchange request has been approved, VivoCarat will schedule a pickup request with one of its courier partners. This will be communicated to you via Email/SMS. Please handover the product along with the original packing and delivery box. The pick-up person will provide a receipt after you have handed over the product to him.

How will the money be refunded? +

All Refunds will be processed to the original mode of payment, in case the original mode of payment is inaccessible by the customer, the refund will be done via NEFT to a bank account as provided by the customer.

Lifetime BuyBack/Exchange Policy +
What is the lifetime buyback/exchange policy? +

VivoCarat offer a Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy on all purchases* made from Vivocarat, within India. The product along with the original product certificate, can be returned or exchanged basis its current market value, with deductions towards making charges. Loss of the original product certificate would result in a deduction of Rs. 500.

This means your product's current value of metal, diamonds and coloured stones, will be determined based on product specifications and the current price listed on our website.

If you received a discount or free gift while making your purchase, we will deduct the original discount amount or free gift value, as applicable. You can choose to return the free gift as well.

Packaging +
How is the product packed? +

Every jewellery package from us arrives at your doorstep in a durable, tamper-proof packing. Whether it is a jewellery or gold coin, your item is delivered to you in an exclusive VivoCarat bag along with the relevant certificates and invoice.

I want to gift the jewellery to my wife. Can you giftwrap it? +

Yes, not just giftwrap you can even send a personalised message with the box.

In case your purchase is intended as a gift, we offer free gift packing, along with a gift message of your choice. Your gift will be delivered in distinctive VivoCarat gift packing. So whether you order a gift to give to your loved ones personally, or want us to deliver it, the recipient is sure to be impressed.

To send a free giftwrap select the ‘I want to gift wrap’ button at checkout.